4 Best Guitar's for playing Reggae

I believe that 95% of your sound comes from your fingers, so you can get a good reggae sound from playing almost any guitar if you know how to play reggae guitar riddims. That being said, these are the 4 classic guitars used in reggae music.


  •  The Strat is a great guitar for playing reggae because it's lightweight, the neck is a comfortable shape, and you can get a classic reggae sound with the neck/ mid neck positions. Some famous reggae guitarist's who used a strat include Eric Clapton, and the lead guitarist for Bob Marley, Al Anderson.


  •  The Tele is more lightweight than the Strat which gives it a thinner sound. You can get some good slap back effects while using the palm muting guitar technique.

Gibson Les Paul

  • The Les Paul is known for its thick, fat sound. It has humbucker pickups, a wider neck shape, and is much heavier than the Strat or Telecaster. It has a crunchy tone and killer sustain for playing blues lead guitar solos. Bob Marley used a Gibson for most of his rhythm playing as does Eric Rachmany from Rebelution.


  • The PRS guitar is a like combination of a Strat and a Les Paul. It has a thin neck like the Strat for ease of playing and humbucker pick ups like a Les Paul for a fat sound. They are also very versatile guitars and can be used for any style of music.


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