Albion Amplifications New TCT35 Guitar Amplifiers

HUNTINGDON, ENGLAND JULY 19, 2011 – Albion Amplification today announced the release of their TCT35 guitar amplifiers.  The new TCT35 is a twin channel, 35 watt amplifier available in either a standalone head (TCT35H) or a combo unit (TCT35C) with a single 12” speaker.   Units are available now through retailers and distributors worldwide.

The new TCT35 delivers 35 watts into either 8 or 16 ohms loads and is powered by four 12AX7’s and a pair of 6L6’s.  Included with both models is a two way (channel A/B and reverb) footswitch to provide the user maximum flexibility while performing.  All amplifiers in the TCT line are twin channel switching amplifiers with different voicing structures per channel.  Channel A has the EQ assigned pre-gain while Channel B assigns the EQ post gain to deliver more tone options and versatility.  Each channel offers separate gain, drive, bass, mids, treble and individual volume controls.  The multifaceted power amp section also provides switchable feedback loops, edge and presence controls, output phase and 33% power switching.  The TCT35C combo includes a single 12” proprietary speaker.
Construction features include hand wired components, birch ply cabinet construction with interlocking panels, resonance controlling reinforcement struts, FR4 printed circuit boards, seam welded chassis’, custom hardware, metal grilles and proprietary transformers.  All speaker cabinets are equipped with proprietary speakers designed by world renowned speaker designers.  In fact, all PCB’s, wire, plastic, die cast components and speaker cones are custom designed and built in house. The ability to have this much control over materials and production is something that was previously never afforded to chief designer and engineer, Steve Grindrod.
For those unfamiliar with the history of Grindrod, apart from having been a pro musician and building his first guitar amp at the age of 13, he has been designing and engineering amplifier and speaker products for two of England’s most famous guitar amp companies.  From 1973 to 2000, Grindrod served as Chief Engineer and Director of Research and Development for Marshall Amplification. Under his direction, Marshall produced their most successful product lines to date.  In 2000, Grindrod was invited by VOX to become Managing Director and Chief Designer, a position he held until 2008. The products of Grinrod’s work have been heard on countless recordings and are featured on more concert and club stages than could be counted.    
To find out more about the TCT35 from Albion Amplification, visit them online at
TCT35H  $712.00 MSRP
TCT35C  $836.00 MSRP
About Albion Amplification
Albion Musical Instruments is a division of the International Audio Group.  Based in Huntingdon, England, IAG is a manufacturer of consumer electronics, professional audio and lighting products.  Their portfolio of brands includes some of the oldest and respected names in the business.  It is no secret that their entire product line is produced in their Shenzhen, China facility and it is reported to be one of the largest custom designed electronics and audio manufacturing facilities in the world staffing 2000 full time employees.

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