Alfred's 70s and '80s Rock Hits Vol. 1

Alfred's iVideosongs "'70s and '80s Rock Hits Vol. 1"

Alfred Publishing has been around since 1922. Print music giants for many years, they have fully embraced the modern way of teaching guitar and are now offering video guitar lessons in a series of DVDs.

I spent the past week with "'70s and '80s Rock Hits Vol. 1" which taught the lead and rhythm guitar parts to "Carry On Wayward Son", "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Go Your Own Way" and "Takin' Care Of Business", all classics from my youth that I had dabbled at learning over the years but never actually sat down and studied. The instructors at Alfred have come up with an excellent way of teaching. It is essentially a headless video, with either single or split-screen shots of both hands on a stationary guitar neck. It appears they are using a stand to keep the neck rigid, so there is none of the  distracting swaying and weaving that most seated teachers do.

The instructors dial up the right guitar tones & talk in depth about picking and fretting techniques covering everything you need to know to play the parts. They break down the tunes into intros, tags verses, choruses & solos for easy retention. Appropriate theory tips and instruction are included, so you can learn not only the notes of the "Reaper" solo, but the underlying modes & harmony.

I learned a lot of the subtleties of the songs that I might have missed had I done it on my own. In this era of DIY YouTube lessons, it can be difficult to find the correct version of a song. Kudos to Alfred for offering accurate and well-taught lessons on these classic rock hits.

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