Answering the Call of the Diverse Guitar Market, D'Addario Offers New String Line Extentions

The NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA – D’Addario, known for answering the needs of players, announces the extension of various string line offerings.  Now available are Heavy Gauge Electric Sets EXL117 and EXL148, Acoustic Set EJ13, Bass Sets EXL165-5 and EPBB170-5, and Classical Sets EJ27N ¾ and EJ27N ½.

D’Addario’s Heavy Gauge Electric Sets are designed for players who drop tune or prefer heavier gauges.  Both EXL117 (.011-.056) and EXL148 (.012-.060) were developed in conjunction and advisement of top guitar players and builders, as well as D’Addario retail customers.  EXL117 is ideal for players who tune down to D and want to retain a normal, comfortable playing tension, while EXL148 is ideal for players who tune down to C and want to retain a comfortable playing tension.

EXL117 and EXL148 are available now and retail for $11.79.

D’Addario’s new addition to the acoustic line, EJ13 (.011-.052) is an 80/20 Bronze version of the popular EJ26 (.011-.052) Phosphor Bronze Custom Light String set.  80/20 Bronze strings’ crisp, bold and projecting tone appeal to many traditionalists for their historical significance and are popular for recording.

EJ13 strings are available now and retail for $10.99.


New bass set offerings from D’Addario, EXL165-5 and EPBB170-5, are five-string choices of some of D’Addario’s best-selling bass string sets.  EXL165-5, like all XL strings, have distinctive bright tone and excellent intonation and delivers a universally appealing tone for all playing styles.  D’Addario also introduces EPBB170-5, a Phosphor Bronze acoustic 5-string bass set.  D’Addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Bass strings are acclaimed worldwide for their great, long-lasting tone.

EXL 165-5 retail for $46.99 and are available now and EPBB170-5 retail for $57.99 and are available now.

The new D’Addario EJ27N ¾ and EJ27N ½ classical sets are optimized for ¾ and ½ scale fractional sized classical guitars; these sets have three, clear nylon trebles and three, silver-plated copper-wound on nylon basses for warm, long-lasting tone.

These sets are now available and will retail for $10.49.

“These line extensions are proof that D’Addario listens to our customers,” says Brian Vance, Manager of Product Management.  “Each new product serves a need in the market, and we’re proud to deliver!”

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