Basic Pro Tools For Guitarists (Alfred Publishing)


Author Richard McIlvery, chair and fonder of the music industry and recording arts departments at USC has written a concise and helpful book/DVD for guitarists just getting into recording with Pro Tools, "Basic Pro Tools For Guitarists". With the exception of the info on interfaces (ProTools 9 is now free from proprietary interface constraints), the book is a great way to get the essential techniques of recording in Pro Tools happening.

The DVD is a series of 7 QuickTIme movies showing how to set up, record, overdub and mic using Pro Tools. The book has several chapters dedicated to mic'ing techniques, well-illustrated with photos and in-depth discussions of plug-ins, axillary tracks, re-amoing and other studio tricks. The detailed "what does this control do?" dissections of EQ and compressor plug-ins will help novices understand these potentially confusing tools.

In all, an excellent book that will certainly get you up and running with Pro Tools.

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