Blistered Fingers Fest Lets in Campers Tomorrow Morning

August 16, 2014: You’re gonna get blisters on your fingers for sure if you show up tomorrow morning, Sunday, August 17, when they let in the early bird campers -- ‘specially since the festival’s music performances don’t officially start until Wednesday, August 20.

But if you’re planning on going to the 43rd Annual Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Music Festival in Litchfield, Maine, this week, you might as well get a head start on your campsite, and get your fingers warmed up with some pre-fest jams. If you're not planning on camping, you could just attend the festival itself, which runs through August 23.

Headliners at this bluegrass hoe-down include The Grascals, Junior Sisk and Rambler’s Choice, The Gibson Brothers, and Nothin’ Fancy, along with many local and regional bluegrass acts. The Blistered Fingers Bluegrass fests actually take place twice a year, in June and August.

That’s because they have the faster pickers perform in June, giving the slower pickers time to figure out their harmony riffs and throw them in later in the summer, while the original notes are still bouncing around the piney woods nearby. Unfortunately, the local moose population can sometimes be annoyed by the sounds of banjos and mandolins, and high lonesome vocals, and an angry moose can really put a damper on an otherwise fine family event. Nothing like that is likely to happen, but, just sayin'.

-- Adam St. James

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