Superstars Songwriting Competition First Round Winners

Top 15 Artists have been selected in the Rock, Pop, and Country genres and have won prize packages featuring Intel® Core™-processor based computers systems, Cakewalk Software, V-Studio 100 & V-Studio 20, and More.

BOSTON, MA (September 2010) —Cakewalk, the world's leading developer of powerful and easy to use products for music creation and recording, Intel Corporation, and the preeminent online community-powered, new music discovery site,, announce the "Superstars" songwriting competition first round winners.

The first round of the "Superstars" songwriting competition invited artists to submit original music in the Rock, Pop, and Country genres. The submitted tracks were judged by fans of Intel's Facebook page with five winners from each genre winning prize packages including Intel® Core™ -processor based computers, Cakewalk SONAR Producer Software, V-Studio 100 & V-Studio 20 recording solutions. Additionally, the first round winners are in the running for the $10,000 cash Grand Prize that will be awarded at the conclusion of the contest in January 2011.

The first round of the "Superstars" competition opened for Pop, Rock and Country on July 1 and ran through August 31, 2010. A new round of the "Superstars" songwriting competition focused on three new genres— Latin, Urban, Singer/Songwriter Artists began September 1 and runs through October 31, 2010 (with a submission deadline of October 22). After the new round is complete, the Top 5 in each new genre will receive prize packages. Additionally, the Top 20 of every music genre will also roll into a Grand Prize competition with details to be announced shortly. Interested entrants can submit their original song at

Please visit for "Superstars" Competition rules including track submission and fan voting schedules, and a complete list of all the fantastic prizes to be awarded.

The artists and their winning entries:

1st: The Strange Kind- "The Last Time"
2nd: Brave Chandeliers- "Sinking Ship"
3rd: John Allred- "Let Somebody In"
4th: Jules Larson- "Falling for the First Time"
5th: To the Thief- "Butterflies"

1st: Jason Eaton- "Furious Love"
2nd: The Girlfriend Season- "Butterflies"
3rd: Lauren Barrett- "Last Time"
4th: Matt Brouwer- "Writing To Remember"
5th: Sara Lindsay- "Best of Me"

1st: Chicken Grease- "The Road I'm On"
2nd: Michael Sonders- "Your Pretty Face"
3rd: Aria Summer- "Sweet Summertime"
4th: Lauren Strange- "Jump"
5th: MDB- "Man Behind These Eyes"

The Prizes
For the complete listing of all the fantastic prize packages please visit

"The talent level amongst the participants in the "Superstars" competition has been nothing short of spectacular." said John Galvin, Director, Intel Partner Marketing Group.  "We are very excited to provide the winners of the first round with Intel processor based PCs to help further empower their already impressive creative skills."

"We knew this was going to be an exciting contest the day we launched but, we had no idea how popular it would be or did we expect to see the amazing quality of the artist song submissions, said Robin Kelly, Cakewalk's Vice President of Sales & Marketing. The quality and quantity of the artists participating is really quite astounding. This is going to make the run up to the Grand prize selection quite something to follow, added Kelly.

There are more Intel Superstars yet to be discovered! The competition continues into the end of the year. More than $50,000 in prize packages will be awarded, including Intel® Core™ -processor based computers, Cakewalk SONAR Producer Software, V-Studio 100 & V-Studio 20 recording solutions, and promotion to the millions of and Intel fans. The Grand Prize is $10,000 cash that can be used to record an album, tour the country, fix up the band van, pay the rent, or anything else a "Superstar" would need. Check out for more information.

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"Superstars" songwriting competition is the latest in a series of popular competitions for A-list artists and tours by OurStage. The company has found recent success with competitions for Bon Jovi, Hanson, John Mayer, and more.

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