Capo Kings Shubb Cater for Ukulele Players with Winning New Design

Shubb products is proud to introduce the all-new Shubb Capo for Ukulele. Available now, the Shubb SC9B is a novel and innovative addition to a booming market.

The ukulele is experiencing a renaissance with many new players taking up the instrument every day,
and accomplished players are now pushing the envelope. As the styles and demands develop, these pioneers will look to Shubb for all the advantages of the SC9B's unique capo design.

Suitable for all tenors, sopranos, concerts, baritones and ukuleles, the SC9B easily closes onto a much smaller neck, and accommodates a slightly wider fretboard – in short, it's the perfect way for players to expand their uke repertoire.

For more information on the Shubb ukulele capo, and the whole Shubb range, visit the Shubb website.

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