Danelectro FAB Fuzz and 600ms Delay


When They Was FAB

Danelectro's latest entrants in the "how-cheap-can-we go", the FAB Fuzz and FAB 600ms Delay are further proof that we are living in a Golden Age of effects pedals. Sure, they're not cork-sniffer cool and sure they retail for $29 each, but they do the job, and do it very well.

The 600ms Delay is especialy nice. Housed in the standard FAB series plastic shell with a heavy metal battery plate, the pedal is light enough to carry in a gig bag, and durable enough to survive the ride. It sounds fantastic, from a quick Rockabilly slap to an Albert Lee cascade to a "How High The Moon" doubling effect. Street price is $24. 

The FAB Fuzz does fuzz like it used ta was, if a bit on the bright side. I copped the "Satisfaction" tone well enough, but could not quite get the creamy "American Woman" sound from my Les Paul on the neck pickup into a vintage Deluxe Reverb. Still, if you need a Fuzz pedal for that occasional tune, $24 is not much of a sacrifice.


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