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Phil Collen, photo by Helen CollenIn our recent interview with Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, we discovered that Phil regularly uses a Fender Cyber-Twin amp -- among others -- both live and in the studio. And Phil was gracious enough to share some of his amp settings with the community.

If you happen to have one of these incredible amplifiers, dig in and dial up that awesome Def Leppard Pyromania tone using the settings below, supplied directly by Phil Collen.

Watch and Listen to Phil Collen’s Cyber-Twin on this Def Leppard Appearance on “The Voice”:


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The Amp

Fender Cyber-Twin SE combo ampFender manufactured the Cyber-Twin amps from the late-1990s to 2011. It was marketed as a “revolutionary” digital modeling amp, and to many, it was just that. The combo version of the Cyber-Twin -- or the second version of the amp, the Cyber-Twin SE -- was a 65-watt stereo amp with two 12-inch speakers. The Cyber-Twin SE was also available as a head, without the cabinet and speakers, which Phil Collen also uses on some gigs.

Digital “modeling” of the classic amps of the past is still the rage today, particularly in computer-based plug-ins such as I.K. Multimedia’s AmpliTube or Line 6’s Amp Farm, and many others. The Cyber-Twin was designed with a dizzying array of both amps and effects, with scores of built-in presets that took players from the distant past of ‘50s blues amps to the most modern, “rectified” tones of the 21st century.

Fender Cyber-Twin Foot ControllerThe user could also dig into the amp and tweak any parameter of amp or effects settings to create their own unique sounds. The Cyber-Twin used a MIDI footswitch as a controller, and shipped with a four-button switch, though a larger 10-button board, with two expression pedals was also available.

I’ve used the original Cyber-Twin on gigs and in the studio for 15 years, along with other amps, and I love its versatility and tone. In fact, I’ve gotten many compliments from soundmen and engineers on the amp’s tone.

Besides Collen, other notable users of the Fender Cyber-Twin who we know of include Steve Winwood, Buddy Guy, Gary Hoey, Dweezil Zappa, and the incomparable Greg Koch. Though Fender ceased production on the Cyber-Twin a few years back, they are, of course, available used on eBay and other Internet destinations. See links below.

Watch Fender's "User Manual" style Video Explaining the Cyber-Twin:


Phil Collen’s Cyber-Twin Settings

Here are the settings, exactly as Phil sent them over to us:

CYBERTWIN SE Phil Collen PresetsNEW SETTINGS (way cooler)
Trim (5)5
Gain (10)10
Volume (5)5
Treble (7)8.2
Middle (3)2.2
Bass (7.5)7.8
Presence (2)1.5
Reverb (0)0
Amp Pre-Set Edit 
Tone Stack Type ModernModern
Tone Stack LOC Post DistortionPost Distortion
Drive Circuitry HMBTube 3Dyna-Touch4
Timbre Full BodyFull Body
Line/Phase Reverse PolarityReverse Polarity
Compressor HighMedium
Noise Gate Depth (10)10
Thresh Hold HighHigh
Expression Pedal VolumeVolume
Cont Controller GainGain
FX Triangle Chorus 
Chorus Out Level (2.9)2.0
Chorus Rate HZ (0.10)0.10
Chorus Depth (5.2)5.2
Chorus Avg Delay (5.3)5.3
Tri Chorus Phase (10)10
FX for Solo Pre-Set 
Delay + ChorusDelay + Chorus
FX Wet Out Level (4.8)5.5
Delay Time (550)550
Chorus Depth (6.5)4.7
Delay Feedback (4.1)4.1
Chorus Rate (1.72)1.72
Delay Time Change RampRamp









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