Delta Blues Lesson 2

A recent camp-out with my family inspired me to fool around with some Delta Blues, and to throw together a quick series of video lessons. I hope they inspire you to dig into this fun musical style. 

The idea with these Delta Blues, acoustic fingerstyle video guitar lessons is to take it real easy, and real slow if you have to. Just get that bass note thumping, and only add in extra notes gradually. If playing the extra notes causes you to lose the steady groove on the bass line, you haven't gotten the bass line to be automatic yet. If that's the case, relax, slow down, and keep thumping that bass line nice and even for a minute or so, then try again.

Delta Blues Lesson 2

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Exercise 1

In Exercise 1, you can separate each phrase (measure 3, measure 4, measure 5) from the others and just practice that one phrase over and over again if necessary. For example, just play measure 3 over and over, until you have that G to E move on the top string in sync with your thumping bass note, before moving on to master measure 4.

Here is the tablature and sheet music for Exercise 1 in my Delta Blues Lesson 2 video: 

Delta Blues Lesson 2, Ex. 1


Exercise 2

Exercise 2 is a little more tricky because we're stuffing three notes into the space of one beat. This is called a triplet, and to even it out, it helps if you can count "one-trip-let" as you play each note on beat one, then "two-trip-let," and so on as you play each beat in the measure. Go slow until you can do it without messing up your thumping quarter-note bass line.

Here is how Exercise 2 is played: 

Delta Blues Lesson 2, Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 3 combines all of the above in a rolling groove. Remember to take it slow -- very, very slow if necessary. 

Here is how Exercise 3 is played:

Delta Blues Lesson 2, Exercise 3


Click Here to See Delta Blues Lesson 1


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