Delta Blues Lesson 4 -- Solo Lines and SRV Licks

Thanks for checking out the series of Easy Delta Blues video guitar lessons. Here is one last lesson over the E chord before I proceed to the IV and V chords, the A and B, respectively, in our 12 Bar Blues in E, Delta Style.

In this lesson I’ll throw in some easy second-string slides to add some phrases that you can play around with to add almost a lead guitar style break.

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Exercise 1

In Exercise 1 I am simply placing my second finger on D at the 3rd fret on the second string, and sliding it up two frets to E at the 5th fret. This slide takes essentially no time at all, which is why I’ve written that 3rd fret D as a “ghost” note.

Immediately after sliding to E at the 5th fret on the second string, pluck the open first string E.

Here is how that looks.

Delta Blues guitar lesson Exercise 1


Exercise 2

In Exercise 2 I start further up the second string to play G at the 8th fret. I then slide down from G to D at the 3rd fret, and immediately back to E at the 5th fret, treating D as a ghost note.

Delta Blues guitar lesson Exercise 2


Exercise 3

In Exercise 3 I alternate between G at the 8th fret and E at the 5th fret a few times, then do the D ghost note to E move.

Here is how Exercise 3 is played:

Delta Blues guitar lesson, Exercise 3

Exercise 4

In Exercise 4 I show you something you’ve heard Stevie Ray Vaughan do in the intro to “Pride And Joy.” But this phrase came along before SRV was born. He borrowed it from the guys before him, who borrowed it from the guys before them -- the Delta guitar players of the 1920s and ‘30s.

In this phrase we put our second finger on G at the 8th fret of the second string, and simultaneously hold down B at the 7th fret on the first string with our first finger. Play the low open E string and the G note together, giving the G a little upward bend. Then play the B on the first string between the quarter-note bass notes. Do this four times to complete the first measure, and one more time to open the second measure of the two-measure phrase.

Then on beat two, slide down to catch E at the 5th fret on the second string. On beat three, do the D-ghost-note-sliding-to-5th-fret-E-thing, and catch the high open E string along the way, ending the measure with one final thump on the open E bass note.

Here is how that looks:

Delta Blues guitar lesson, Exercise 4

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