Digital Nations - Godsticks Release Self-titled EP

Listen to a Song from their soon to be released, Self Titled EP!


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Godsticks are a unique 3-piece progressive-rock band from South Wales, UK, combining the vocal/guitar/piano talents of Darran Charles, the bass talents of Jason Marsh, and the expertise of long-time session-drummer Steve Roberts.

Their love of various musical styles including prog-rock, fusion, rock, and pop have been melded together to create their own style one that has been described as progressive rock fused with a heavy funk.

Initially a cover band performing complex progressive music, Godsticks began to immerse themselves in writing new material and developing their own unique song formats borne out of a desire to create song arrangements they wanted to hear, but that were never present in the music of their influences.

"Creative, ambitious, well played; it's what we should all aspire to artistically" Mick Taylor, Editor (Guitarist Magazine)

Lots of inventive turns of phrase, clever arpeggios, and other little touches combine with the jazzish grooves and hooky melodies to keep things interesting. Barry Cleveland, (Guitar Player Magazine)

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