Digital Nations New Release - Fozzy lead guitar front man, Mike Martin

Fozzy guitarist front man Mike Martin releases his album "2 of 5" with Digital Nations! This album is packed with hard riffs, ripping guitar solos and soothing melodies. This album was beautifully mixed by Mike Martin and Shawn Grove (Matchbox 20, Sevendust).

Mike's foundations in Classical, Metal, Jazz, Folk, Rock and World music have allowed him dedicate his career to versatility and culture with the highest respect for art by any means necessary. Perhaps he is best described in the following way: Art with a purpose is a force to be reckoned with!

Mike was approached by Sean Delson in the summer of 2004 on behalf of Rich Ward and Fozzy to take over lead guitar responsibilities. They were in the process of dropping the joke gimmick to become a real band and beginning a world tour to support their record All That Remains featuring guitar solos by Hard Rock and Metal guitar heroes Zakk Wylde, Mark Tremonti and Marty Friedman. They were in need of a real guitar player to do the album justice on the road, and Mike was more than up to the challenge, transcending touring sideman status to become a feature of the live shows.

Since then, Mike has toured worldwide with Fozzy and recorded The Dukes (Wards) release on Spitfire Records, My Kung Fu Is Good (released worldwide May 2005). In 2006, Mike played lead guitar for Fozzy on the track "Metal Gods" for a tribute to Judas Priest CD featuring Motorhead, Vince Neil, Sepultura and Tim "Ripper" Owens among others.

During his tours of duty with Fozzy, Mike seized upon the opportunity to build a project studio at his home so he could begin to produce his solo projects. The first of which was the instrumental album 2 of 5, originally released the Summer of 2006 independently on Serpa Records, and now available worldwide through Steve Vai's Favored Nations subsidiary, Digital Nations!

The title is a reference to the Borg character 7 of 9 on Star Trek, says Mike. I am the second of five children so I thought it was pretty clever. With the new Vai DN partnership, and the critical acclaim and success of the new Fozzy track Wormwood, 2010 is poised to be the year Mike gets his band touring properly as well as working on a new solo album set to be released early in 2011.

Performance Track List
1. 2 of 5
2. Salute
3. Lavender
4. Living the Good Life
5. Prelude
6. Epiphany
7. The Trouser Trout
8. Infection
9. Peace Be With You

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