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Simeon Harris - eScape
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Simeon Harris' eScape fuses deep ambient textures with rock, dub, electronica and eastern influences to propel your imagination into an atmospheric experience that's dark, emotional and uplifting. Simeon's silky solos and complex arpeggios work perfectly in the electronic settings which are always musical and tuneful.

In 2000, Simeon recorded his first ambient album, called Realms of Elements. It was pretty rough and ready, but the positive feedback he got from it encouraged him to delve deeper into the textural side of guitar playing. He recorded The Assessment in 2003, Mechanoia in 2004 and Captured, his second soundscapes album, in 2006. The Assessment was distributed by Alternity Records in 2005 and Simeon recorded a new track for the album especially for the release. This is the perfect kind of album to put your mind at ease and let your imagination go wild.

Listen to eScape

Listen to After Night Falls

Performance Track List
1. The Moon At My Window
2. Lucid Dreaming
3. The Space Between Breaths
4. eScape
5. After Night Falls
6. Techtonik
7. The Second Realm
8. To Gather Up One's Shadow
9. Here and Now
10. Into the Light

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