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Tony Smotherman was born November 1, 1979 in Athens, Greece. At the age of 15, Tony was introduced to the music of Johan Sebastian Bach. He immediately purchased all the Bach he could get his hands on. His passion for Bach inspired him to take classical guitar lessons. Within a few months Tony was practicing at least six hours a day, primarily Bach lute suites and Paganini Caprices. With only three years of classical guitar lessons behind him, Tony was recognized for his outstanding musical abilities. He was chosen Middleburg High School's ''Most Talented Senior.'' Tony was also selected to become a member in the annually published book Who's Who Among American High School Students. This book recognizes students who are prominent in academics, art, and music. It was during Tony's senior year that one of his teachers submitted some of Tony's musical work to Queen Elizabeth II. Her Highness not only received his music, but also sent notes of encouragement, describing his classical guitar skills as "highly sophisticated."

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