Ernie Ball & Guitar Center - Shred With Slash

On February 1st, 2010 Ernie Ball and Guitar Center teamed up to launch the “Shred With Slash” promotion. Special colored picks were inserted into random packs of Ernie Ball guitar strings and distributed throughout Guitar Center locations. Each “color” corresponding with a different prize totaling over $50,000 in giveaways. Including shopping spree's, guitar strings, Music Man guitars and more. A handful of Ernie Ball customers were lucky enough to get home, tear open a pack of Slinkys and discover a “Golden Pick” inside. Granting them the once in a lifetime opportunity to get flow out to Hollywood, CA and attend a private master class with the iconic guitarist.

Over the last 25 years Slash has cemented himself as one of  the most iconic guitarists in the history of Rock N' Roll. His signature sound and unmistakable riffs have helped power some of this generation's most popular rock anthems. Last week, Ernie Ball, Guitar Center and a handful of lucky winners had the chance to sit down with Slash in an intimate setting to discuss his playing and writing techniques while also being treated to a handful of stories; ranging from the early days of Guns N' Roses, to how Slash teamed up with Michael Jackson on the, “Black or White”, album.


One of the winners, Kelly Slade, had this to say about the event:

“I can't begin to explain what a fantastic time I had. Meeting Slash was a huge inspiration to me. He was so humble and generous to do this. And big thanks to Ernie Ball for putting this together, it was an experience of a lifetime!”
Brian Ball of Ernie Ball added:

"The Shred with Slash Masterclass was an event we'll remember for a long time.  Those who attended and found the golden pick appeared to have the time of their lives. We're incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Slash & provide this once in a lifetime experience."



Ernie Ball was the first to offer rock strings with the creation of Slinkys, and further revolutionized the market by offering guitarists Custom-Gauge single strings. The Ernie Ball Company also produces Music Man guitars and basses, volume pedals, and other accessories. The company's strings and accessories are available in more than 6,000 music stores throughout the U.S. The company also exports to 82 countries. For more information, contact the Ernie Ball company at (800) 543-2255, or visit their website at


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