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CRAZY is an Award-Winning Film Inspired By the Life of Guitar Legend Hank Garland. The Soundtrack features music from Roy Orbison, Shawn Colvin, Mandy Barnett, Stacy Earl, Madeleine Peyroux and Kip Lennon.

Favored Nations Entertainment recently released the original motion picture soundtrack for CRAZY, an independent feature film inspired by the tragic life and groundbreaking music of legendary 1950s-era guitarist Hank Garland. The soundtrack will be released one week before the June 29 release of the film's DVD and Blu-ray formats.

CRAZY chronicles Hank Garland's rise to fame in Nashville, from playing on hit songs for icons including Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, the Everly Brothers, and Roy Orbison through his brief but influential solo career as a visionary jazz artist. It also explores his tempestuous marriage as well as his repeated clashes with the "Nashville Mob" - who then controlled the country music establishment - over artist's rights, civil rights and other issues. An untimely The car crash and electroshock treatments eventually ended Garland's performing career and derailed his life. CRAZY starkly portrays Garland as he witnesses his own life falling apart, and the enormity of what the world lost is deeply felt.

"Hank was an extraordinary guitar player and also a pioneer for artist's rights and his story is fascinating and inspiring. This film depicts his life and contribution along with his passionate and dynamic love for the guitar," said Executive Producer, Favored Nations Entertainment President and guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.

Director Rick Bieber was introduced to the project - and to the late Hank Garland - by Scherr and said of the soundtrack, "I believe the soundtrack from CRAZY is one of the finest I have ever heard. I am forever grateful to the enormous writing and producing talents of Larry Klein, and the amazing artists he assembled - the beautiful vocal renditions of Shawn Colvin, Madeleine Peyroux, Stacy Earl and Mandy Barnett, as well as the blazing instrumentals by Larry Koonse, Dean Parks, and so many other brilliant musicians. From the country selections, to rock-a-billy to jazz -- the meticulous execution of all the music contributes a level of authenticity to this film that is unsurpassed."

Waylon Payne, acclaimed for his debut film role as Jerry Lee Lewis in the Oscar-winning film Walk The Line, stars as Hank Garland. In addition to acting, Payne is a country artist with deep musical roots. He was named for his godfather, Waylon Jennings, and is the son of GRAMMY-winning country singer Sammi Smith and Jody Payne, longtime guitarist for Willie Nelson.

CRAZY won several major awards at 2008 film festivals, including seven Best Feature awards, Best Soundtrack, Best Musical Feature, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Actor for Payne and Best Supporting Actress for Ali Larter, who plays Hank's beautiful but deeply troubled wife Evelyn Garland.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Crazy will be in stores on June 22nd. Inspired by the life of Hank Garland, Crazy is the story of a legendary guitar player who emerged from Nashville in the 1950's. Blessed with incomparable, natural talent, Hank quickly established his reputation as the finest sessions player in Nashville. Artists such as Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, The Everly Brothers and Elvis all sought Hank's brilliant playing for their recordings.

The Soundtrack features songs from Roy Orbison, Shawn Colvin, Madeleine Peyroux, Mandy Barnett and more!

CD Track List
(1). Opening Riff
(2). Sugarfoot Rag
(3). Crazy- Madeline Peyroux
(4). Honky Tonk Blues - Stacy Earl
(5). Angel Eyes
(6). Rock-a-billy Baby
(7). Dream Baby Dream (How Long Must I Dream) - Roy Orbison
(8). I Can't Stop Loving You - Shawn Colvin
(9). Jingle Bell Rock - Kip Lennon
(10). Tennessee Waltz- Shawn Colvin
(11). Voom
(12). Lazy
(13). Walking After Midnight - Mandy Barnett
(14). Lonesome Road - Madeline Peyrou
(15). Hank's Dream
(16). Dreams In G
(17). I Fall To Pieces - Mandy Barnett
(18). Nothing That You Were
(19). Larry's Lament
(20). Jam At The Gat
(21). Hank's Shuffle
(22). Sugarfoot Boogie

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