Favored Nations Release - Where The Wild Things Are - DOUBLE VINYL

Available September 2010

With over 15 million career album and DVD sales around the world, Steve Vai will soon be adding to these figures with the release Live In Minneapolis: Where The Wild Things Are - Vinyl!





photo by Micheal Mesker


This package contains two colored 180 gram audiophile virgin vinyl LPs in a stunning full-color gatefold jacket. The double LP was specifically mixed and mastered through analog equipment to a 96kHz/24 bit digital format, the highest resolution audio experience of all the ''Live In Minneapolis: Where The Wild Things Are'' releases.








Performance Track List
Side 1:
1. Paint Me Your Face
2. Now We Run
3. Oooo
4. All About Eve

Side 2:
1. Building The Church
2. Tender Surrender
3. Angel Food

Side 3:
1. Fire Wall
2. Freak Show Excess

Side 4:
1. Gary 7
2. Treasure Island
3. Die To Live
4. Taurus Bulba

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