Garage Tone from Visual Sound

No longer does a musician on a budget have to sacrifice tone and reliability.  The GarageTone series of pedals from Visual Sound have been designed to have boutique quality sounds and superior construction at amazingly affordable prices!

Oil Can Phaser:

The new GarageTone “Oil Can” Phaser from Visual Sound is a classic sounding analog phaser.  With both Speed and Depth knobs, the Oil Can Phaser has a wide variety of warm analog tones, from swooshing to pulsating.  Placed before distortion or overdrive, the Oil Can is perfect for classic or modern rock, ska, punk, and more.  On its own, the GarageTone Oil Can Phaser gives warmth and movement to textured rhythm parts.

(MAP/Street Price: $59.95)




Chainsaw Distortion:

The GarageTone “Chainsaw” Distortion from Visual Sound is a unique and very musical distortion in contrast to its name.  Sounding more like an expensive boutique distortion, the pedal is shockingly affordable.  With big low-end and just the right amount of mids and highs, this creamy distortion will inspire you.  Combine it with the GarageTone Drivetrain or V2 Route 808 pedal to get massive lead tones!

(MAP/Street Price: $49.95)


Drivetrain Overdrive:

Originally designed by Bob Weil in cooperation with Joe Naylor for Reverend Guitars ( back in 2000, the Reverend Drivetrain has become somewhat of a legend.  Now, Visual Sound has repackaged and updated the Drivetrain II as part of the new GarageTone series of pedals, but at a price that any working musician can easily afford.  With separate Bass and Treble controls, the GarageTone Drivetrain is one of the best sounding and most versatile overdrive pedals around.  

  (MAP/Street Price: $59.95)


Chopper Tremolo:

Utilizing an expensive opto-isolator and carefully designed analog circuitry, the GarageTone “Chopper” Tremolo nails the effect with perfection at an incredibly low price.  In addition to the usual Speed and Depth controls, the Chopper Tremolo also has a unique Wave control that alters the overall feel of the effect.

(MAP/Street Price: $69.95)





Axle Grease Delay:

You won’t believe your ears when you plug into the ultra-affordable GarageTone “Axle Grease” Delay.  Although it utilizes a hybrid digital/analog circuit, the tone is all analog delay.  Warm, natural sounding echos, whacky space effects when you turn the Delay Time knob, self-oscillating capabilities… it’s all in the GarageTone Axle Grease Delay!  

(MAP/Street Price: $69.95)

Even if you don’t have the fancy cars and
a six figure income, don’t worry…!
GarageTone will help you sound like
You’re a Rock Star…

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