GarageBand '11 Guitar Tracks

GarageBand '11 has many new features, including an expanded Lessons section that offers free downloadable guitar instruction from basic strums to Classic Rock soloing. Of special note is the Guitar Track option.


Upon opening GarageBand you are given a choice of templates to choose from : Piano, Electric Guitar, Voice , Loops, Keyboard Collection, Acoustic Instrument, Songwriting, Podcast and Movie. After you select one, GarageBand pre-loads the session with typical tracks and effects to get you started without killing the muse - simply click and go.

For our purposes, we will open our " Theme" project using the Electric Guitar template.

GarageBand asks what the name of the project is and where you want to save it. Click on "Save" and the session opens with a guitar track ready to record. The default preset is called "Clean Combo", a VOX AC-30 model with a compressor and delay pedal in front. By clicking the right or left arrows on either side of the amp you can scroll through the many models including tweed, brown and black panel Fenders, Mesa and Vox combos and half stacks from Marshall, Mesa and Orange. 

Clicking on the "EDIT" button turns the amp around and displays all of the stomp box options.


Clicking on the amp in "EDIT" mode opens a drop-down menu where you can select and tweak input source, monitoring options, recording levels, and adjust the pre-loaded plug-ins or add your own.


Each preset comes with appropriate amps and pedals, which you can edit by clicking on the image of either the amp or pedal. Clicking on the amp gives you access to the amp controls.


Clicking on any of the pedals gives you access to their various controls. If you are using the Apogee gio with an expression pedal or the IK Multimedia Stealth pedal, you can assign a foot controller to sweep a wah, roll a volume pot in and out, or vary the delay time or feedback from an echo pedal.

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