Get the Revolutionary TonePrint App for iPhone Today!

All artist TonePrints in the palm of your hand!  We launched the groundbreaking TonePrint® concept earlier this year. Now, a truly mind-blowing technology adds fuel to the fire of creativity and flexibility!

The new iPhone app compiles all TonePrints for our TonePrint enabled guitar pedals in one place and allows you to ‘beam’ new TonePrints to your pedals in a matter of seconds. The idea behind the technology is as simple as it is ingenious: Each TonePrint has been converted to a unique-sounding magnetic impulse that you can beam via an iPhone’s internal speaker, through the pickup of your guitar and directly to your TonePrint pedal! The sound does not carry any data so it doesn’t matter if you are in a raucous arena or a library – no other sounds will interfere with the data being sent from your iPhone.
The app contains all TonePrints as mp3 files, which means that you don’t need an Internet connection to beam TonePrints. Simply place the iPhone’s speaker close to a magnetic guitar pickup when beaming, and it literally only takes seconds for the app to perform its magic. Best of all, the TonePrint app is completely free of charge.
You will need the latest firmware version for your TonePrint pedals to use the TonePrint App, but pedals with previous firmware versions are easily updated via USB. New TonePrint pedals will ship with the latest firmware. Currently, you can get the TonePrint App for iPhone, but an Android version is under development and will be available December 2011.


Features of the TonePrint iPhone App
“When we launched the TonePrint concept, we knew that we eventually had to come up with a solution that made swapping TonePrints easier,” says Guitar Product Manager, Tore Lynggaard Mogensen. “Most guitarists have their pedal board in a rehearsal space and their computer at home. Some may have brought a laptop, but the process still needed to be made faster and more intuitive to really take advantage of the great potential that this artist-driven concept has to offer. We are extremely proud to present a super-flexible solution that allows all guitarists with TonePrint pedals and an iPhone to truly explore the ever-expanding list of great and unique TonePrints created by some of the best guitar players in the world. Now great tones and tons of musical inspiration can be beamed and enjoyed on-the-spot as well as on-the-fly.”
TonePrint App – Just Beam It!


TonePrint App Main Features
• Beam any TonePrint in Seconds
• Fast. Flexible. Intuitive.
• Completely Free of Charge – Not Based on inApp Purchases
• Cached files – No Internet Access Required
• Browse TonePrints by Pedal, Artist, Featured or Date
• Collect Favorite TonePrints for Super-fast Access
• Constantly Updated with New, Amazing TonePrints
• Artist Bonus Content – Videos, Images, Interviews, etc.
• Available fot iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
• Soon available for Android devices

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