Gregg Allman's Guitarist, Scott Sharrard, Now Teaching Private Lessons and on Skype

We posted a great interview and video rig tour a couple years ago with Gregg Allman's lead guitarist and band director Scott Sharrard. 

Scott is an awesome player with a deep knowledge of blues and blues rock and has been Allman's right hand man in his solo band for a decade.

Now, for a short time, until the next Gregg Allman tour begins, Scott is accepting a handful of guitar students and teaching both in person (in New York City), and via Skype. 

If you want a solid grounding in the blues, want to improve your soloing and comping skills or if you want to pick Scott's brain a little on how to play some of Gregg Allman's classic tunes, here's your chance!

To schedule, please contact [email protected] and highlight your interests in exploring guitar lessons with Scott Sharrard.

Here's what Greg Allman has to say about Scott Sharrard:

"I know all about guitar players-I’ve seen the very best-and Scott Sharrard is the perfect guitarist for my band. He understands that you don’t need to play just for the sake of playing; Scott isn’t one of those guys who thinks they get paid by the note. He never steps on the vocals, and he leaves plenty of room for everyone else to do their thing, but when it’s time to solo, Scott delivers, boy."

— Gregg Allman 


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