Guitar String Manufacturer to be Featured on TLC's BBQ Pitmasters

Brisket, tri-tip, ribs, pulled pork......guitar strings? You might be wondering what all of these things have in common. Besides helping provide tasty licks for both musicians and food consumers alike they also both play a heavy role in the lifestyle of Sterling Ball. President and CEO of both Ernie Ball and Big Poppas Smokers (an online retail store specializing in American made smokers and smoking accessories). Sterling has always had a passion for outdoor cooking. Over the last couple of years that passion has been transformed into a full fledged business and a multiple award winning competition team.  

Once Sterling decided to get into the outdoor cooking business he began to experiment and personally “test drive” any product he was considering selling on A few of his Ernie Ball employees took an immediate interest in Sterling's new endeavor and quickly approached him with the idea of starting up a competition BBQ team. Not only was Sterling passing along his support for the team, he wanted to get in there and help build what has now become a well recognized and respected name amongst BBQ competition circles throughout the country.

(pictured Sterling Ball; Marty Albertson, Guitar Center; Brian Ball)

Sterling went on to say: “This whole BBQ thing has been a really great and rewarding experience. From always being a serious griller to actually building a little business and, with the help of the BPS team, great competitive results”

The excitement will reach a climax this Thursday, September 2nd. As the BPS team will be a featured competitor on this weeks episode of TLC's BBQ Pitmasters!  Back in March, Ernie Ball employees and BPS Competition team members Joe Golembiewski, Brad Taylor and Mike Clarke turned in their submission video (featured below) to TLC and patiently began waiting to hear back. In the meantime the team continued to have success on the competition circuit taking home prizes for ribs, pulled pork and brisket while maintaining the fun California lifestyle that has become synonymous with the Ernie Ball brand over the last 45 years. When you walk up to the BPS Teams booth at  one of the BBQ competitions the first thing you might notice is the BPS branded smoke mobile or possibly the mobile man cave complete with bean bag chairs, black light posters and of course Music Man instruments to keep the guys entertained during the down time. Food, fun and friends has become an unspoken mantra' for these pitmasters as they continue their assent to the top of the bbq competition world. Log onto for local listings.

Team Big Poppa Smokers Submission Video

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