adds New and Improved Search has added a brand new site wide search function that will allow you to quickly and easily find any piece of content on the site, no matter how obscure. Just click the magnifying glass on the top right of any page and type in whatever it is you are searching for.

You will also see the results sorted by content type, so for example if you search for Les Paul, you will see a "filter by content" option that groups the different types of content available (Forum Topics, Videos, Articles, Rigs, etc.) with a counter next to each type so you can quickly see the number of results for each type of content. Or you can just view the results in the body of the page without filtering and use the pagination controls at the bottom of the page to go to the next pages.

One last thing, you can also search with or without quotes "" so if you search for Eric Clapton it will yield different results than if you search for "Eric Clapton" and that is because the quotes tell the system to only look for an exact match. Using quotes will often times yield fewer results but they are always more specific. This works just like Google BTW. 

The new search is super fast, extremely accurate and we really hope you like it.

Here is a direct link to the new search:

~ Team

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