GuitarGeek is officially now part of is proud to announce that as of today Nov 13th, 2015 we finally completed the GuitarGeek integration which means that is now officially part of - The GuitarGeek Forum, Guitar Rig Diagrams and Reviews are all on now so look at the new menu changes (yeah.. right up there under the big logo) and you will see "Rig Diagrams" and "Reviews" have been added. The Guitar Rig Diagrams are awesome and you can either mouse over the Rig Diagrams for closeups or click the Rig Diagrams to get a full size image. There are literally hundreds of Rig Diagrams and we have several hundred more yet to publish. From Ace to Zakk, there is something for everyone. We've also added a search bar and a filter bar for quick sorting so you can search and browse the Rig Diagrams quickly. 

We'll make more updates soon but we're really proud to have completed this integration and hope that you spend countless hours enjoying the Guitar Rig Diagrams, new additions to the Forum and the Gear Reviews.


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