Guitars at the Grammys: A Recap of the 2017 Grammy Awards

The 2017 Grammy Awards was broadcast Sunday, February 12, on CBS TV, and, while much of the evening's performances, appearances, and awards were -- of course -- awash in non-guitar related pop and rap mania, the guitar was represented by a few of the more, uh, talented...

OK, that's spoken like a true guitar fanatic, and it would almost sound discriminatory, if it weren't actually the truth, right? 

But anyway, we saw at least a few guitars during the show, if not nearly enough. Among the acts that featured the guitar were Metallica, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Sturgill Simpson, Gary Clark Jr., YouTube star Tori Kelly, Keith Urban (with Carrie Underwood), and maybe a handful of others. Or not.

Bruno Mars showed that his all-around, Super Bowl-sized talent also includes tearin' it up on lead guitar, as he did on a show-stopping tribute to Prince, and the song "Let's Go Crazy." No doubt about it, Bruno can truly play.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 16, 2017: Unfortunately, CBS TV, who owns the rights to the Grammy Awards broadcast, went on YouTube and shut down all the Grammy Award guitar-related videos that music fans had posted, including those we posted below... And neither the network nor the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS, who runs the Grammy Awards) deemed any of the guitar-playing segments of the annual awards show worthy of posting on their YouTube accounts or websites... So while an estimated 10 percent of the world's population plays guitar, these two entertainment behemoths don't seem to care... We did find some of the videos on the artist's accounts...

Watch his performance:


Metallica's James Hetfield had a little microphone trouble during most of the bands rippin' duet with Lady Gaga -- who did justice to what probably will be the most metallic performance of her life, before or after the Super Bowl. The intial video that was available included the full audio of the performance. Unfortunately, CBS shut that down. Lady Gaga posted this version, but the audio is incomplete... You can hear her part though...


And then there was Gary Clark Jr., in a blues duet with vocalist William Bell on "Born Under a Bad Sign":


And Ed Sheeran did his cool acoustic guitar and looper thing -- and check out the crazy pedalboard he had on stage:  


Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood did a duet that featured Urban on the Strat: 


And YouTuber Tori Kelly brought out the John Suhr guitar during her share of the Bee Gees tribute led by Demi Lovato:


Those were the highlights, if you were lookin' for guitar on the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Take it or leave it.

How about teaching a kid to play guitar...



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