Hamilton Releases Grabbit® Guitar Stand

April, 2010, Chicago, IL - “Every now and then something comes along that elicits a first response of ‘cool’,” commented DANSR president Michael Skinner.  “That’s the first word out of practically everyone’s mouth that has seen the new Grabbit guitar stand.

The Grabbit stand features a patent pending grabbing mechanism at the top of the stand that holds the neck of the guitar securely until the owner gently pushes the guitar neck back and instantly releases the guitar from the stand. “The ease of use is one of the key features of this really cool stand,” continued Skinner, “along with the price. It’s extremely competitive and we think this will be a big hit among guitar players all over the world. What’s more, its retail price places it between more expensive hanging-type stands and the inexpensive cradle stands that do not have the same advanced technology as the Grabbit.”

The Grabbit stand has a retail price of $35.99.

For more information on Hamilton products, contact DANSR, inc, at 888-707-4455 or consult the Hamilton website at www.hamiltonstands.com.

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