JamHub GreenRoom

The JamHub is a "silent rehearsal studio" available in three configurations: BedRoom, GreenRoom and TourBus


Guitar.com Gear Editor, Tom Spaulding spends some time with JamHub's "Green Room". Technology takes rehearsing to a whole new level!



The JamHub is a "silent rehearsal studio" available in three configurations: BedRoom, GreenRoom and TourBus. I was sent the Green Room for review. The first unique thing about the JamHub is the owner's manual, which is divided into "left brain" and right brain" sections. The JamHub team believes that traditional manuals are written by left-brained people (analytical types) for right-brained people (creative types) and that few are ever read because of this. JamHub's solution is to describe each feature and function of the JamHub in terms both technical and casual. The right-brained version has plenty of diagrams and illustrations, the left-brained effort focuses on technical specs and in-depth descriptions. It's a very refreshing approach and I found it difficult to read one without reading the other. I suspect JamHub knows this and it's a clever way to get the user to read the manual twice, something they suggest for both brain types, regardless.

The GreenRoom version has six color-coded channels, each with a mic and line input and a headphone jack. The mic input has global phantom power capability. All 1/4" inputs are stereo, so if you have a lot of mono inputs, you'll need to get a handful of mono-to-stereo adapters. You can get around this a bit by plugging a mono jack halfway in, but you'll still be mono and not able to take advantage of the stereo pan and effects that make the JamHub so enjoyable. The JamHub is designed to get inputs from modeling pedals, D.I.s, keyboards, etc. The mic inputs are for vocalists and talkback (so the band can communicate with headphones on), though you can certainly mic a drum kit if needed and if you have the channels to spare.



Once you get the unit powered up and all of your cables plugged in, you can begin setting levels. The first knob on each mixer section is a concentric pot that controls the trim for the 1/4" input (inner knob) and the mic input (outer knob). A standard green/yellow/red LED indicates when you are getting a good signal to the JamHub. The "stage" knob is a center-detent pan knob that allows you to pan your signal to the left, center or right.  A second concentric knob controls the headphone volume and effects level. Above the three knobs are seven other knobs. These are the volume controls for you and your band mates and the Recording channel. You can control the level of each player in your ears, and everyone gets to have their own mix.



The SoleMix is a remote version of the channel controls, intended for drummers and other players that are further away from the JamHub. One is included with the GreenRoom, more are available separately. 


The "R" section of the JamHub is for recording. The user plugged into channel 1 has a switch to toggle between hearing the Channel 1 mix or the Recording mix. The Recording section sends a stereo signal out via USB to your laptop or recorder.



Sixteen effects presets from slap-back delay to lush reverbs are labeled alphabetically, A-P. The effects only work on the mic inputs, as you are expected to have your own via your modeling device or pedals-into-amp simulator.

I tried the JamHub out in a duo rehearsal with acoustic guitar, voice and electric guitar. Everything worked perfectly, the sound of the JamHub is pleasant and uncolored. I plan on trying it again as a studio headphone matrix on the next full band session I do in my studio. Until then, the JamHub has become the nerve center of our rehearsal room, replacing a bulky portable P.A. and has definitely increased both the quality and the quantity of our practice sessions. 



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