Lakewood Guitars Publishes New Catalog

After Lakewood set an increasingly important focus on the customshop topic in recent years and even launched a unique 3D configuration tool, called the Lakewood Guitar-Designer, on the web, there has still been one thing missing to make all Lakewood enthusiasts and potential customers entirely happy: A comprehensive catalogue.

Of course,  it’s initially about presenting the full range of Lakewood guitar models. All guitars are printed in the catalogue in a comfortable and representative size. Exemplary rear views and detailed photographs of the exclusive Lakewood Premium Series set beautiful highlights and make the catalogue a visual happening.

There is a broad custom shop part besides the model range with images of all available options, since the manufacturer obviously wants it complete. It is indeed a reference book that supplies full and gapless information through images and technical details of all standard and customshop guitars.

A pleasant welcome intro of Martin Seeliger invites you to a journey through the catalogue and we can only encourage you to take that journey.


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