Led Zeppelin Platinum Album Series from Alfred Publishing

Alfred Publishing continues their excellent stewardship of the Led Zeppelin catalog with the release of the Platinum Album Series tablature books. The first five albums, Led ZeppelinI, II, II, IV and Houses of the Holy are available individually and in a boxed set. Featuring all new transcriptions, the series are available for either guitar, drums, or piano/vocal/chords. Guitar World editor Brad Tolinski has written an informative historical overview for each album, with vintage photographsa and interview excerpts spanning 30 years of Zeppelin lore. 

The transcriptions themselves offer insights into appropriate guitar tones, vari-speed tape recording tricks, effects and techniques, and are note-perfect as far as I could tell. I've been listening to this music for 35 years and by playing through through the transcriptions, I learned many details that I had not previously noted. Jimmy Page's phrasing is notoriously casual (which is a large part of his charm), and the tabs accurately depict the "loosely tight" feel.

Spending some practice time with this collection really gives you an insight into the incredible talents of Jimmy Page, whether he is playing clean-toned electric funk, crunchy proto-metal riffs, exotically tuned acoustics, jangly acoustic or electric 12-strings, slide, mandolin, or banjo. Few guitarists can rate with Page and the breadth and depth of his endless searching for interesting sounds. By absorbing a few of his signature lines, you can draw on his influence and blend it in with your own playing. Highly recommended.


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