Mark Tremonti: Higher

There aren't many success stories in Rock as dazzling as the rise to stardom of Creed in the late 1990's. Formed in Tallahassee, Florida by singer Scott Stapp, guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips, the band has sold over thirty million records to date, and is the only group in history to score four #1 rock hits from a debut album. Creed's songs combine heavy riffs with a pop sensibility and socially-conscious lyrics that invoke spiritual themes from Stapp's religious upbringing. The band is noted for its emotionally charged live concerts, and has performed for over four million fans worldwide. Brian Marshall left the group in August 2000, and Tremonti recorded all the bass parts on their third release Weathered.

Today's chord is inspired from the megahit "Higher" from Creed's sophomore effort Human Clay, and draws from Tremonti's mellower vocabulary. Played with a clean tone in Dropped-D tuning, it's a simple melody played over a succession of power chords. Fret the high D note on the third string with your ring finger, leaving your index available to barre the B5 and A5 chords in measures 2 and 3.



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