MartinFest 2014

July 30, 2014: It's unofficial, but it's officially happening. MartinFest 2014, coinciding with "Martin on Main 2014" takes place this weekend, beginning Thursday, July 31st and running through Sunday, August 3rd, in downtown Nazareth, Pennsylvania, the home of the C.F. Martin guitar company. 

By now you're going, "Well, which is it, MartinFest or Martin on Main? Huh, what?" 

It's both events, actually. MartinFest is the 13th annual gathering of Martin enthusiasts, and Martin on Main is a concurrent event put on by the Nazareth Chamber of Commerce, both celebrating the fine guitars and other musical instruments that have been streaming forth from the C.F. Martin & Co. factory in town since the late 1830s. 

Nazareth is just about an hour or so from Philadelphia or New York City. If you're up for a musical pilgrimage, grab your guitar and go sit in on the jams and open mics that will be happening all weekend. There's, food, drinks, vendors, an auction, and even a place to check in your guitar with a "Guitar Guard" who will keep an eye on your precious baby while you stroll through town checking out the other performers. 

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