Maven Peal® Publishes Guitar Amplifier Player's Guide

Strafford, VT—Maven Peal Instruments, Inc. is pleased to announce the publication of The Guitar Amplifier Player's Guide, the first guitar amplifier user guide written for musicians.

Maven Peal founder and amp designer Dave Zimmerman takes you step-by-step through the journey of understanding great amp tone and how to achieve it making simple tweaks to your current rig. Never before published Speaker Ohms and Power Tubal Tone charts along with a Glossary of Tonal Terms and in-depth discussion of Cords and Cables make this unique guide a must for all players novice and pro.

"Over the years making amps, I found customers asking the same type of questions over and over," explains Dave Zimmerman. "I also kept running into a lot of confusion about what some terms and phrases really mean. So we published the book with the goal of shedding light on some of these areas."

Also available from Maven Peal are never before published business-sized Speaker Ohms and Watts Chart cards, which give you the correct impedance settings and wattages delivered to each speaker when connecting two speakers to 30, 50 and 100 watt amplifiers in both series and parallel.

The Guitar Amplifier Player's Guide will be available from Amazon June 15, and can also be ordered directly from Maven Peal by paypaling $39.95 to [email protected].

Maven Peal Instruments, Inc. uses nonlinear analysis (chaos theory) to design audio and musical instrument amplifiers. For more information on The Guitar Amplifier Player's Guide, the Zeeta, Ganesha, Tuskadaro, RG88 or other Maven Peal products,  visit Maven Peal at

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