Nashville TonePrints for TC Electronic Guitar Pedals

May 2012 - TC Electronics - No doubt, some of the best session players and producers in the world are based in Nashville, Tennessee, and now a handful of them have created a super-inspirational package of TonePrints for our new, revolutionary guitar pedals!

Loading a TonePrint is like getting a whole new, customized signature pedal, but at the same time having the ultimate power to change whose signature is on it! In the special 'Nashville Bundle' you'll get the custom tones of Audley Freed (The Black Crowes, Cry of Love), Brian Nutter (Keith Urban), Dann Huff (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston), Jerry McPherson (Amy Grant, Dolly Parton), Keith Gattis (Dwight Yoakam), Michael Britt (Lonestar), Pat Buchanan (The Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill) and Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, Tin Machine).

All TonePrints are free to download on our website, where you'll also find TonePrints from such great guitarists as Steve Morse, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal, John Petrucci and many others - just waiting for you to explore.

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