New Gear: Wireless “Jack” is First Wi-Fi Guitar Transmitter

Guitar players have had wireless options for decades, but a new device out of Scotland is about to change everything. Ingenious Audio, an electronics firm out of Edinburgh, Scotland, has spent the past four years perfecting “Jack,” as they call their new Wi-Fi wireless guitar transmitter. Now they're going public with Jack.

Jack uses its own encrypted Wi-Fi channel to send signal directly to your amp or Wi-Fi enabled device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) with studio quality, better-than-CD 24-bit audio clarity and virtually indiscernible (if any) latency. Ingenious claims Jack is 13 times quicker than conventional bluetooth, and 3 times faster than compressed low-latency bluetooth.

Jack uses its own encrypted Wi-Fi network so you won’t need to worry if there is no Wi-Fi at the venue. You won’t have to enter any passwords, or log-in to any networks, it’s all handled by Jack. The first version of Jack will operate in the 2.4 GHz bandwidth. The engineers say a dual bandwidth upgrade may come along in the near future.

Jack is up and running now for direct use between guitar and amp (2 “Jack” devices required: one as transmitter plugged into your guitar, one as receiver plugged into your amp or effects chain). It is also ready to rock on a PC platform, and connects through the Jack app, with only one Jack device required in this configuration. Jack is still in development on iOS, Android, and Mac OS and should be available shortly.

Ingenious Audio just launched a Kickstarter campaign and is already well on their way to meeting their goal. It’s pretty cool, but don’t take our word for it: Watch the video. Then click the links  below for more info, or to “buy in” to the Kickstarter campaign and be the first in your local music scene to prove you actually do know Jack.



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