New Live Gregg Allman Record Celebrates a Life on the Road

Gregg Allman left home just after high school in July, 1965, and has spent the past 50 years performing live and living the rock star life. In August he will celebrate that legacy with a new live album -- recorded in January, 2014, with his current touring band, including guitarist Scott Sharrard, who featured in June.

Allman says he has spent seven years putting his current band together, and “finally has all the pieces.” The live album is titled Gregg Allman Live: Back to Macon, Georgia and comes as a two-disc CD and DVD set. It was recorded at Macon’s Grand Opera House Theatre. The set list included some Allman Brothers Band staples, such as “Statesboro Blues” and “Midnight Rider.”

"It turned out to be a very good record," Allman told Billboard. "We were in really good form that night.... It's just a celebration record of my new band and a new beginning. This new band has taken me about seven years to put together, but we've finally got all the pieces in place. The album means a lot to me because this is the finest musical experience I've ever had. I'm just honored to be a part of. This is the kind of band that me and my brother always had."

The album is available for pre-order now through Allman’s website, and will be released August 8, 2015.

Watch the Gregg Allman Band Play "Hot 'Lanta" at the Macon Grand Opera House Theatre, 2015:

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