New Live Hendrix Album; Documentary Film on Showtime, DVD

September will mark the 45th anniversary of the passing of the guitarist many still contend is the greatest overall influence on all rock guitarists since. Jimi Hendrix died September 18, 1970.

And to mark the anniversary, Experience Hendrix LLC -- the holding company operated solely by Jimi’s adopted sister, Janie, since the passing of their father Al in 2002 -- will continue their relentless mining of archival recordings, videos, and other memorabilia related to the late guitarist.

On August 28 Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings will release Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival, featuring Jimi’s July 4th, 1970, 16-song set. Then on September 4 Showtime will premiere a documentary film about the Atlanta performance titled Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church. The film will come out on DVD/Blu-Ray October 30 with bonus content not shown in the documentary.

The Atlanta Pop Fest is considered to have been the largest U.S. Audience Jimi ever performed in front of, with approximately 300,000 in attendance. Of course there was that little event called Woodstock the year before, but no reliable head count has ever been established for that performance.

Watch the Showtime Trailer for “Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church”:

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