Pagelli Convertible Guitar

In 1988 Pagelli presented the patented «stereo disc guitar», a guitar with rotable pick ups… In 1997 then the legendary «golden fretless bass», the first bass ever with rear mounted tuners and a fingerboard until the end of the real gold plated body. A radical design that has inspired countless builders around the globe.

In 1998, Pagelli built the «LC guitar», a revolution in the acoustic guitar world. It showes to the extreme that also the acoustic guitar has no boundaries.

In 1999 Pagelli invented the «dynercom» body shape, a shape that makes playing much more comfortable. It is licensed to the Eastman Company, which is now producing the model with much success.

In the year 2000, Pagelli showed the futuristic «avantair» for the fi rst time, an electric guitar with built-in Alesis airfx. Move your hand over the sensor and create sounds like you never heard before! One of the most extreme guitars on the market ever.

In 2003 the luxury «Swarovski» guitar, a collaboration with the world known Swarovski Company, covered with 60‘000 Swarovski crystals!

In 2005 the the «gitane nouveaux», a gypsy style guitar with another radical eye catching design!

And off course the Pagelli 30th anniversary acoustic guitar in 2007, also with a ergonomic body shape that is used as a guide in the school of new directions in modern guitar building.

And now 2011, we are very proud to present you another world novelty The Covertible - the Guitar with Interchangeable Modules

With only one guitar you can switch from:

Acoustic to
Electric to
Resonator to

Changes of the modules can be completed in under 60 seconds...and the guitar stays in tune! You can mount a sitar bridge on all the models! Ever played a sitar banjo? A sitar resophonic?..;-) It is the ideal guitar for any studio session. You can cover all the important sounds in pop history!!!

Stereo out for the magnetic pickup and the modul condenser mic! It is also a travel guitar – remove the neck and it fi ts into your case! A true innovation that was the voted highlight of the Montreàl Guitar Show 2011. See, hear and enjoy that unbelievable guitar on you tube! Pagelli convertible guitar

Specs: top and neck: flamed European maple / back and sides: Indian rosewood / fingerboard: ebony / tuners: planet waves / magnetic pickups: lace alumitone / insert pickups: schertler moving coil / metalwork: custom made by benz metalmaster

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