Pick 6: Bizarre eBay Guitar And Accessory Auctions

Yeah, we like to surf around looking for a good deal on music gear just as much as anyone else. Here’s some kinda bizarre stuff we found in today’s search:

1. Have you ever played one of those semi-oval backed Ovation acoustic guitars? It’s maddening how the thing keeps slipping off your lap, right? So here’s an attachment designed specifically to keep the guitar in place while you play. It may not be as cheap as putting a strip of duct tape on the side of the guitar, as Godsmack guitarist Tony Rombola once told us he does, but if you’re a frequent Ovation user, this may be the answer to all your prayers. Or were those curses? They’ve sold 78 of these doo-hickeys so far, at $29.95 for the Buy It Now price. Maybe you’re number 79.

The Ovation Fixer


2. It’s a footstool! No, it’s a guitar neck rest! No, it’s a strap. Actually, it’s all three, according to the description from the seller. You can step on it to keep yourself from getting tired -- so they suggest. You can use it as a guitar neck rest, for when your guitar gets tired, or so we understand. You can even stick it’s large ovoid suction cup to the back of your guitar, tuck the footstool part down your pants, and use it as a guitar strap. Hopefully the weight of your guitar doesn’t pull your pants down in front of all those people in the club. Or wait, maybe that’s your new gimmick! They’ve sold 11 of these suckers, but we bet with a Buy It Now price of only $9.87, you might be sucker number 12.

The Footstool Neck Rest Guitar Strap 


3. You know how many times you’ve said you need a washboard you could attach to your acoustic guitar, right? Now it exists! It’s the Piknboard Mini Washboard Guitar Accessory from Ronco. Well, OK, actually it’s from Baker Tech LLC, whoever that is. But anyway, this thing is awesome for all you jug band and Appalachian folk players. That’s who uses washboards, right? Whatever. They’ve sold 12 of these so far with a Buy It Now price of $19.95.

The Acoustic Guitar Washboard 


4. It’s listed as a slide guitar, but obviously, it’s a Mohan Veena. A what? Yes, a Mohan Veena. It kinda looks like someone had a little too much HC in their T when they designed this thing, but rest assured, it’s actually completely functional. Not only that, but it’s got about 20 strings, so you’ll never run out of notes to play. At $899, it’s a little pricier than most of the gadgets we’re highlighting here, but hey, it’s worth every penny.

The Mohan Veena




5. This thing looks like a wrench, but it’s actually a replacement knob for your new or vintage effects pedal. Though we haven’t tried one out, we’re guessing the idea is that it is easy to turn with your foot without interfering too much with your onstage get-down-get-funky routine, or whatever it is you do to entertain your audience -- besides the shock and awe of your virtuosic playing, of course. Hey, it’s only $8.99, or you could build your own out of duct tape and popsicle sticks.

The Option Knob


6. The Build-a-Bear guitar -- now it’s not just for your Build-A-Bear! So warm and fuzzy, and you’ll never play a wrong note. It may look like a steal at only $5.99, but notice that it is used and being sold “As Is.”

The Build-a-Bear Guitar 





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