Picking Up Where Blondie Left Off, the Cocktail Slippers Join Daisy Rock!

LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 2011 - Handpicked by Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Founder and President, Tish Ciravolo at the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, the all-female rock band The Cocktail Slippers have joined the Daisy Rock family of endorsed artists. The band’s members can be seen rocking everything from a Retro H De-Luxe, to a Stardust Elite Classic and also a Butterfly Jumbo acoustic.


The Cocktail Slippers are a group of Norwegian tough girls with cotton-candy hairdo’s that sing with exiting, heated voices about successes and failures in their love lives. The band is described by Michael Cocoran from Austin360 as sounding, "like Blondie or the Shangri-Las, but they play harder than those bands, smiling all the while." Ken Shane of Popdose says, “The Cocktail Slippers, from Oslo of all places, are an all-female band that echoed the girl groups of the sixties, but with a powerful rock punch."

The Cocktail Slippers said that they “love Daisy Rock guitars [because] they are easy to play, look great and sound awesome!” When Tish Ciravolo discovered them at the festival, she said, “The Cocktail Slipper’s make awesome music, are so talented and truly understand the meaning of FUN rock and roll. They’re totally my new favorite band, everyone should check them out!”

The Cocktail Slippers currently have two albums released, Mastermind (2007) and St. Valentine’s Day Massacre(2009). For more information about the Cocktail Slippers, visit their website at www.cocktailslippers.com or www.daisyrock.com/artists.

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Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is the original girl guitar company dedicated to successfully supplying and marketing professional quality guitars for females of all ages. All Daisy Rock guitars are designed specifically for the female form and feature lightweight bodies, “Slim & Narrow” neck profiles to better fit smaller hands, and are available in inspiring finishes. Daisy Rock Girl Guitars’ ongoing mission is to do whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music.

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is led by its Founder and President, Tish Ciravolo. Ciravolo is a highly acclaimed expert on female empowerment and females in music. Tish’s expertise has been immortalized by her induction into the Museum of Making Music, the world’s premier museum showcasing the history of the music products industry, and she is widely regarded as a visionary in the industry. Ciravolo’s deep insight into the subject of girl guitars and female empowerment has made her a sought after and frequent contributor on national and international television, newspapers, magazines, websites, and radio programs including People, Time, Newsweek, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, VH1, the Premier Radio Network, BBC Radio, and the Associated Press. Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is in over 25 countries worldwide, and is co-owned and distributed by Alfred Music Publishing.

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