Ramble On: Time for a Road Trip!

So I’m sittin’ here at my house in Chicago, a few weeks ago, thinkin’ about all my broken guitar strings, and wondering how that guy in the Alexa commercial on TV got that ship in that bottle, when I get a Facebook Instant Message from a girl named Laura asking if I wanna play a show with her in Colorado, somewhere ‘round  the middle of February.

I think back through the haze of hundreds of gigs I’ve played in the past decade and think to myself, “Yes, I think I sorta remember this girl.” She’s young and pretty, and has a cute accent she acquired somewhere in South America, probably when she was growing up in Venezuela, on the outskirts of Caracas, where, of course, heavy metal is King -- at least as long as you refuse to consider salsa, merengue, joropo, and all the other forms of Latin folk music that dominate the airwaves everywhere you go down there.

So Laura Victoria, or LV, or LVictoria, as her friends call her, falls mostly on the metal side of things -- or at least on the hard rock side of things -- though she does have a few spicy Latin-influenced tunes (not to mention a few electronic-style dance grooves) on the three CDs she has released in the past few years.

And yeah, we played a coupla shows here in the Midwest, before she up and left for the sunnier streets of Southern California. Not the oil-drenched “Streets of Bakersfield,” to quote that Dwight Yoakam/Buck Owens hit from days of yore, but the glittery streets of Hollywood, where a hottie singer actually has a chance of makin’ things happen in this frustratin’ business we all have our eye on, if not our hearts buried in...

So anyway, now she has me rehearsin’ some tunes and we’re playing this weekend -- Saturday, February 18th, to be specific -- at a place in Longmont, Colorado, called Dickens Opera House. Now Opera ain’t exactly my cuppa tea, and I can’t guarantee that our opening acts aren’t gonna be of the Barber of Seville or Tristan und Isolde variety, but I know LV and her band are gonna rock!

And I’m diggin’ Laura’s pop-punk rocker’s, like the one in this video right here, from her old band, L.A. Velvet:


Now you may be askin’ yerself, “So which one is Adam -- is he the guy they handcuffed in the hotel room?”

Yeah...uh, no.

That woulda probably been fun, but that ain’t me. I’m not the leggy drummer in the fishnet stockings, either, or the cute Filipina bassist, Melanie. In fact, I’m not in the video at all. But Laura is -- the lead singer with the fuschia Jackson Randy Rhoads -- and she and I and a coupla other session-type and tour-worn guys she has recruited are all set to fly in, do it up right on stage, and bail outta Colorado again practically before the sun comes up.

And I do mean, before the sun comes up. Laura booked my plane ticket, and it is literally the shortest stay I will ever have made in Colorado. I fly in at 5:38 pm Saturday, drive straight to the gig, plug into some borrowed Marshall amp, hit it, and then have to somehow make a 6 am flight back to Chicago.

Just 12 hours. 

12 hours only.

Not my choice. Mucho Gracias, Miss Venezuela.

I'm not sure whether drummer Richie Rivera, who is flyin' in from Nashville for the gig, or bassist Carl Jester Buena, who is flyin' in from L.A. for the gig, is the one tasked with coffee duty in the early morning before our flights, but I'm sure one of 'em is gonna come through!

But, "No Sleep 'til Hammersmith," right? And nevertheless, I do have some Denver and Boulder friends who say they’ll make it out to the club and maybe even tip a beer or two with me. Or buy me some chicken wings or somethin’. But no Rocky Mountain Oysters, thank you very much.

Anyway, I’m expectin’ it to be a fun little road trip, a cool gig, and hope that, if you’re a Guitar.com kinda person, and you live somewhere in the great State of Colorado, maybe you’ll come out to Dickens in Longmont this Saturday night, and say hello. Or pay for my chicken wings. Or a change fee to a later flight.

It’s just a thought.

About this Blog: Adam St. James is the Editor of Guitar.com, the author of a bunch of music instructional books and DVDs, and a guitar player with a wandering, rock-addled mind, probably better-suited to a slow, solitary drive through the desert than an ongoing battle with a stringed instrument. If much of what he writes seems the ramblings of an incoherent mind, you might want to see a doctor.

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