Real Life Guitar - Vol 2 - A Correct Left

Real Life Guitar, Vol. 2 - The Correct Left "Playing Guitar Should Not Hurt"

The left, or fingering hand

Summary of last month's column:

1. Getting your left, or fingering hand in a low-tension position facilitates easier and longer playing
2. Balance your guitar with the strap button in the best possible position
3.You also need a guitar that will permit this strap position to best function (See: Easy To Play Guitars)
4.Sitting or standing your holding position should be the same.
   5.Getting your face closer to your left or fingering hand usually places your left hand in a good position.
   6.Sit on the edge of you chair with your guitar between your legs. This makes your fingering hand easier to see.
   7.Every point has been designed to create a low stress position and better posture for playing.
   8.If you don't correct your holding and fingering hand position, you can expect physical problems later.
   9.If you do play with a good and correct holding and fingering hand position, you will be able to reach chords and positions you never could before, you will also be greatly encouraged in your playing and practicing.
  10.Less tension means less pain and trouble.

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THIS MONTH, Volume 2: The Correct Left...

The concept is quite simple: If your fingering hand is turned so your wrist is twisted or at a sharp angle the following things happen:

   1. You create undesired tension that will lead to physical problems later in life.
   2. You will not be able to do large reaches.
   3. Barre chords become more difficult.
   4. Your hand switches back and forth to do fingering and barre chords.
   5. Create and ingrain bad habits.

Imagine how a C-clamp works:                                                      How would the following clamp work?


- Not very well

Now look at at good hand position                                          

.....And bad hand position

With a bad hand position, you must press on the strings five to ten times harder than a good or proper hand position.

Holding the guitar wrong, remember lesson one, will create a weak, awkward and inefficient hand position. This position will eventually lead to physical problems. This will cause many beginners to quit before they have learned anything.

A good holding and hand position (below) with                              

An incorrect holding position (below)

the hand, wrist and arm in a straight line                                         

will create a bad left hand position



A bent wrist with too much tension

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