Reason DAW Users: New Power Chords Plug-in from Propellerhead

August 27, 2014: If you’re doing a lot of home recording, you may be familiar with Reason, one of the many great digital audio workstation choices for recording and editing music. Reason, along with popular DAW’s such as Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic Pro, or Acid, allows the user to make completely pro-sounding recordings in their computer, either with or without any actual instruments being played.

And here’s yet another plug-in for Reason that threatens to make human guitar players obsolete: the just released A-List Electric Guitarist Power Chords. It’s an add-on to the collection of virtual “rack-mounted” instruments you might use if you record and edit music with Reason. It follows up on manufacturer Propellerhead’s previous guitar release focusing on acoustic guitars, A-List Acoustic Guitarist, only this new app exclusively features one and only one guitar technique -- you guessed it -- power chords.

We have to admit, it sounds pretty damn amazing, and if you watch the video demonstration provided by Propellerhead, you’ll quickly realize why your keyboard player probably doesn’t need you any more. Maybe you oughta bring your keyboardist a bottle of wine at your next rehearsal.

Or this cool new plug-in could actually be useful to you, the recording guitarist. Let’s say you’re an acoustic master, but need a little crunch guitar on your new song. The A-List app has it for you, in a plethora of cool musical genres, and guitar tones, and all recorded to sonic perfection (presumably utilizing an actual studio guitarist in a recording studio, we would hope, so at least that guitarist got paid…).

Please don’t misconstrue this simple little news blurb as a review or endorsement of this $99 download, because we haven’t actually put the thing through a test drive ourselves. Just the same, with an increase in home recording looming on our own horizons, and since we’re actively researching all the possibilities, we thought we’d just let you know what’s out there. Use it or denounce it as you see fit.

-- Adam St. James

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