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How would we survive today without Youtube? Why, if it weren’t for that essential video college, we’d probably all get eaten by sabre-toothed tigers, doncha think?

Anyway, as a service to those trying to get up and running with, or to better understand how to use Pro Tools, I’ve gathered up a collection of really helpful video tutorials. These are not productions, but they’ve been done so well, we figured we’d augment our posts on recording and point you in the direction of other essential video tutorial resources we've come across. 

So, here are videos that walk you through Pro Tools from start to finish. Some are from Pro Tools manufacturer Avid, while others are from outside educators.

Pro Tools for Beginners Tutorial -- Part 1 -- Navigation

This video from the Australian Institute of Music walks you through the two main screens of Pro Tools (Edit and Mix) and gives you a general overview of many of the bells and whistles, or in this case, buttons and menus. In this particular video series, the instructor is using Pro Tools 10 on a Mac, but all the functions, menus, and tools he discusses are the same with Pro Tools 12 on a PC.


Pro Tools for Beginners Tutorial -- Part 2 -- Session Management

In this video the instructor talks about file management, naming conventions, and common error messages. One useful tip from this video includes doing a Save As every time you open a Pro Tools session to work on it, and using a date in the name. That way if you mess something up, you can always just open the previous day’s session and you won’t lose your entire project.


Pro Tools for Beginners Tutorial -- Part 3 -- Track Types

This video explains the different track types -- audio, instrument, MIDI, etc. -- and goes through the creation of stereo and mono tracks. The instructor also demonstrates a bit of patching virtual instruments into these tracks, and making other adjustments to the tracks.


As you can see, there are a bunch in that great series from the Australian Institute of Music. But there are others I’ve found that are super helpful as well.

Pro Tools 12 for Songwriters

Here’s one from Gina Fant-Saez, who wrote a book titled Pro Tools for Musicians and Songwriters a few years back and has used Pro Tools extensively in her work in the advertising agency world, and in her engineering and producing work with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson, and others. Gina put together a really simple how to get into creating music quick video for Pro Tools 12.

Check this one out:


We’ll keep bringing you home studio lessons and tips -- for Pro Tools and other recording software -- in future columns.

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