Six Signature Model Guitars You Didn’t Know About

Was Chet Atkins the first artist to have a signature model guitar? Or was it Les Paul?

Whatever. Here are six signature model guitars you probably didn’t even know existed:


1. The Bangles Signature Model Electric Daisy Rock, the “Girl Guitar” company brilliantly founded by Tish Ciravolo, pays tribute to the ‘80s popsters, the Bangles, who can now “Walk Like an Egyptian” with a cool semi-hollowbody in their hands. The guitar features mini-humbuckers, Grover tuners, Daisy Rock’s trademark “Slim and Narrow” neck, and, hopefully, some jingle-jangle left over for some new guitar-driven girl pop, like, that could hopefully push Iggy Azalea off the charts.

The Guitar: The Bangles Signature Model Guitar by Daisy Rock  

Price: $349.99



2. Noodles Signature Model Electric When he’s out there on this year’s “Summer Nationals” punk tour, don’t try to separate the Offspring guitarist from his own signature model Ibanez. The guitar features a basswood body, maple neck, and a mustard yellow color just ugly enough to make any punk rocker in the crowd really, really want one, almost bad enough to set aside part of their monthly tattoo budget.

The Guitar: Noodles Signature Model Guitar by Ibanez

Price: $699.99



3. Bo Diddley Signature Model Electric Nobody before or since has rocked the rectangular red guitar better than Bo Diddley, including George Thorogood, who probably has one of his own, though he probably got his direct from Bo. This one has 22 frets, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and comes in red, red, or red. I wonder if Sammy Hagar has one of these too?

The Guitar: Bo Diddley Signature Model Guitar by Gretsch

Price: $600.00



4. Orianthi Signature Model Electric Australian guitar imports don’t come any more, uh, invigorating, than this. And that’s just the guitar. OK, wait, PRS guitars aren’t made in Australia. Well, you know what we mean. Orianthi has played with Steve Vai, Santana, ZZ Top, Michael Jackson, Carrie Underwood and Alice Cooper. The guitar has 24 frets, ebony fingerboard, PRS designed tremolo, and more features you might want to re-direct your attention to.

The Guitar: Orianthi Signature Model Guitar by Paul Reed Smith

Price: $769.00




5. Skunk Baxter Signature Model Electric So he played bass for Jimi Hendrix, helped found Steely Dan, and later rocked the Doobie Brothers through their greatest hits. Now it appears Skunk Baxter is just making a living flaunting his signature mustache. That and advising the military on top-secret military kinda stuff, or at least that’s what he told me last time we spoke. He woulda told me more, but then he woulda had to kill me, ‘cause, like, it was top secret. The guitar is a Gibson Firebird with Tune-o-Matic bridge, Lyre vibrato tailpiece, and Steinberger gearless tuners.

The Guitar: Skunk Baxter Signature Model Guitar by Gibson

Price: $1,999.00



6. April Lavigne Signature Model Acoustic OK, so somebody at Fender decided they really like Avril Lavigne, even though she doesn’t like their girlfriend. We know this because Fender has put out not one, not two, but THREE Avril Lavigne signature model guitars. There’s the Avril Lavigne signature model acoustic, a Fender Newporter in black, which you can get with Avril’s scent all over it. And then there’s the Avril Lavigne Squier Tele, and the Avril Lavigne Squier Tele with her skull-and-crossbones logo, your pick.

The Guitar: Avril Lavigne Signature Model Acoustic Guitar by Fender

Price: $399.99

The Guitar: Avril Lavigne Signature Model Electric Guitar by Fender

Price: $279.99

The Guitar: Another Avril Lavigne Signature Model Electric Guitar by Fender

Price: $479.99




-- Adam St. James

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