Size Matters

Nothing sounds like a nice Marshall 4x12 cab with a 57 against the grille cloth and a plexi-type head on top, cranked to Beano or Live at the Fillmore. Fortuantely, nothing sounds like a VOX Cambridge Reverb practice amp, either. In fact a combination of the two might be amazing. The thing is, don't overlook the smaller wattage amps when looking for a big guitar souind.


I have several small amps around the house: a Fender Champion 600, a Cambridge 15, even a Dean Markley toy amp with a built-in tuner. You might have a Princeton, an old Crate or even the Smokey Amp. Next time you need a big crunchy guitar track, try a small amp in a bigf room. Guitar tone masters like Jimmy Page and Keith RIchards have long championed small amps, using Supros and Fender Harvard and Champs to cut many classic rock guitar parts.


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