Star Guitars - 101 Guitars That Changed the World


 Star Guitars - 101 Guitars That Changed the World - by Dave Hunter (foreward by Billy Gibbons)

They are the guitars so famous that their names are often household words: B. B. King’s Lucille, Eric Clapton’s Blackie, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s First Wife, Billy F Gibbons’ Pearly Gates, Neil Young’s Old Black, and many more.

Now, for the first time in one place, guitar gearheads and rock ’n’ roll enthusiasts of all ages can discover the tools that helped history’s six-string masters change the face of music.

Star Guitars: 101 Guitars That Changed the World is the first-ever illustrated history of the actual guitars of the stars that made the music. While other best-selling guitar histories look at the rank-and-file models, this book is unique in profiling the actual “star guitars”—the million-dollar babies, such as the 1968 Stratocaster that Jimi Hendrix burned at Woodstock, which sold at Sotheby’s auction house in 1993 for $1,300,000. Amateurs buy guitars to emulate the stars—Clapton’s Strat, Slash’s Les Paul—and this book explains the stars’ modifications, thus showing how others can recreate those famous tones


About the Author
Dave Hunter is an author, musician, and journalist. He is the presenter and co-author of the Totally Interactive Guitar Bible and its two follow-ups, Interactive Fender Bible and Interactive Gibson Bible. Among his other books are the popular The Guitar Amp Handbook, Guitar Rigs, and Guitar Effects Pedals. He contributes regularly to Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar magazines. He currently resides in Portsmouth, NH.

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