T. Rex Reptile 2 Review

Denmark's T.Rex Engineering has introduced the latest addition to their stellar line of stompboxes, the Reptile 2. The original Reptile was a less features/more affordable version of their industry standard Replica delay pedal. The Reptile 2 version adds more control over the repeats, making it easier to get close to the sound of an old analog or tape delay.

The inclusion of a Tap Tempo button immediately makes this pedal a contender for pro pedalboards. The button itself is low-profile and sturdy feeling and has a reassuring 'click' to let you feel the downbeat through your foot as you match your delay time to the tempo of the song.

Mini chicken head knobs control the 'ECHO', 'LEVEL', 'REPEAT', and 'TIME' parameters, with a stenciled 'MIN' and 'MAX' at either end of the sweep.

The Flutter controls allow you to dial in some vintage tape-delay characteristics. Laid out in a triangular pattern, the three small, knurled pots control the Tone, Speed and Width of the echoes. The Tone knob lets you roll off the high end of the repeats, while the speed and width determine the amount of Flutter and random modulation.

The 'IN' and 'OUT' jacks are located close to the center of the top of the pedal, which makes using a right-angle plug a breeze. No extra pedal boad space is taken up by a plug sticking out too far from the chassis - a nice touch from T.Rex. On the far right side of the pedal is a detented Input Gain pot, which once set, can be hidden from sight. Power is the standard 9v volt jack and the back-mounted battery compartment has a warning label that reads "Battery Power Is For Emergency Use Only", which I suppose means the Reptile 2  digital delay pedal eats 9v batteries rather quickly.

With a bit of experimentation, I was able to get everything from a warm Chet Atkins delay, to a nice, roomy Jimmy Page slapback to a pulsing Gilmouresque throb to a jangly Edge cacophony. Check out the audio clips below:


Clip 1: Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin II-style slapback. 

Tone Chain: 60 VOS Les Paul into 3 Monkeys Orangutan

Clip 2: Chet Atkins-style tape delay

Tone Chain: ES350T into Reptile 2 into '67 Deluxe Reverb. 

Clip 3: The Edge-style arpeggio delay.

Tone Chain: Strat into '67 Deluxe Reverb.

Recording chain: SM57 into Focusrite ISA428  into Pro Tools. Small amount of Lexicon plate reverb.


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