T-Rex Yellow Drive

What this country needs is a good, affordable dual overdrive pedal. Fortunately, T-Rex has you covered with it's new Yellow Drive. An exclusive-to-Guitar Center-only pedal, the Yellow Dirve adds two extra channels to your amp.

Housed in a sturdy yellow enameled steel box, in the usual T-Rex fashion, the Yellow Drive puts a Crunch and Lead channel at your feet. Simple to use, the pedal has six knobs and two footswitches.

Each channel has a Gain and Volume control, the left channel being milder gain and the right side extra juicy saturation. A small trim pot for each channel gives you some control over the EQ. The left footswitch is on/off and the right footswitch is a Channel A/Channel B toggle. Standard 9v DC adapter jack for power and mono in/out jacks are located on the front of the pedal, not on the sides. The jacks are placed so that you can use right-angle plugs without taking up too much pedalboard space.


Sound Clip #1 "Rhythm" is the Yellow Drive with a Les Paul into a Goodsell Custom 33 amp. The lick is played with the pedal off, then switched on Channel A and finally Channel B.


Sound Clip #2 "Lead" is played with the pedal off, then switched on Channel A and finally Channel B.


Recording chain:

Gibson 1960 VOS into T-Rex Yellow Drive into Goodsell Classic 33 2x12. 

B.L.U.E. Bluebird on left speaker into Amek PurePath mic pre panned left. 

Shure SM57 on right speaker into Universal Audio LA-610 panned right.

Waves API 500B EQ and Lexicon Medium Room reverb on guitar aux buss 

Waves SSL Bus Comp on final. WAV converted via WaveLab to MP3 at 128kbps.


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